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A Large Rare Coin Collection!

By David Gonzales - August 16, 2017

Just finished helping a very nice lady liquidate a large rare coin collection that her late husband left her. It was fairly extensive and had over 400 certified coins. There were also many key dated coins not in holders, which meant that we needed to be very careful to review every coin. I've been in the precious metals business a long time, and I found the task daunting, in the time period that this collection needed to be liquidated.

I was able to liquidate many of the coins at the ANA Money show that was in Denver a couple of weeks ago. There simply was no way for this client to do this on her own, it was too big.  When she came to visit me, she explained that she has tried on and off for the past 3 years to go through the coins and each time ended up exacerbated and overwhelmed.  

It's ok to get some help(from a trustworthy person and or company) when dealing with coins. This client just wrote a very nice review on google. Another client very happy with Mile High Coin!