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Who should I sell my coin to?

What are my choices

By David Gonzales - July 26, 2018

The coin industry has very much  evolved.  EBay has taken the place of the local shop, and has decreased the number attendees at local coin shows.  People interested in buying and selling coins don't have to go anywhere else other than their computer.  However, there are still some that don't like dealing with eBay.  Whether it is simply wanting to work with a local person/company, or they are not interested in going through the hassel and learning curve of setting up an account and dealing with prospective buyers of their coins. Simply put, it's a ton of work, and requires a ton of time.  Most of the people we work with are people who inherited coins, or found some coins and are not interested in an ongoing process of buying and selling.  Most of the people who sell us their coins are not going to be repeat customers.  There are exceptions to this, because some will liquidate their collection over time, or as they have a need.
What about craigslist?  The best way to get robbed is to advertise on craigslist that you have coins for sale.  Perhaps your smart enough to not invite a stranger to your home(which you should never do), so you decide to meet in a Walmart parking lot(which is another mistake).  Get robbed at home, or get robbed in a parking lot.  I don't like either choice.
Coin/Pawn Shops?  There are good shops and bad.  Those with good reputations and those who are shady.  One thing is for sure in our digital world, you can't treat people poorly and expect other people to not find out about it.  When selling your rare coin collection or your old folgers can full of wheat pennies, chose a company that is rated with the BBB.  Work with a Company who is accredited.  Work with a company that has an impeccable online reputation.  And work with a company that is honest and professional.  
We provide a safe, professional, 1 on 1 coin selling experience that is second to none(Check out our Google reviews and see for yourself!)