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Finding a Treasure in my pocket change

By David Gonzales - January 17, 2019

I get a number of calls on a weekly basis from people asking about a modern coin that they found.  Either the coin has a mint error, or a small date or something else that might differentiate that coin from it's common counterpart.  Indeed rare coins can be found in pocket change, but the probabilities are low.  Often times people look at a coin, then Google that coin and inevitability find a similar coin listed somewhere in cyberspace for considerable value.  They are then perplexed as to why we don't see the same value in that coin as the "internet" does.  Unfortunately, more often than not, these are wild goose chases.  The person does 2 or 3 minutes worth of lazy research on their phone, then starts calling the local coin shops in the area.  This not necessarily bad.  It's important to follow up on something that you might think is valuable.
Instead of calling a coin shop, I think people should consider getting the coin certified.  For around $20 the coin can be put into a certification holder and confirmation is given on what that coin really is.  If a coin is truly a small date, or a mint error, the certification is going to reflect that.  Dealers will be more willing to look at that coin and value it if it is certified.  So, should every coin you sell be certified?  The answer is no.  But if you believe you have a special, high value coin, then certification is going to assist you greatly in selling the coin.
We have all heard of or read about the person who found the coin or valuable item in a garage sale or auction that was worth millions.  Many reality shows focus on this.  We all have a bit of treasure hunter inside of us, and it's exciting to imagine finding something that could bring us fortune.  We welcome phone calls, but we also encourage good research.  Happy hunting!