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The Indian Head Penny

The Indian Head Penny is really cool!  We see many indian head pennies come into the shop.  They range in date, condition, and color.  There were only 2 mints that made the Indian Head Penny, Philidelphia and San Francisco.  The coin was minted in Philidelphia from 1859 thru 1909, but the San Francisco mint made coins in 1908 and 1908.  Guess what 2 years are among the most valuable?  The "S" mint in 1908 and 1909 along with the 1877 are the 3 most valuable Indian Head cents.  
The picture on the obverse of the coin is actually Lady Liberty wearing an Indian Head Dress, not an image of an actual Native American.  A real piece of American history.  The Indian Head Penny is made of both copper and Copper/Nickel, depending on the year it was made, and can range in color from brown to red.  This is a highly collected coin by high end collectors down to the amature collector.