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Why do they call it "Junk" silver?

Interesting term, isn't it?  What is meant by junk silver, is old U.S. siver coinage.  Quarters, dimes and half dolllars made prior to 1965 is considered junk silver.  These coins have 90% silver and is sought after by those wanting to buy silver with very little premium.  Most of these coins have been highly circulated and are only valued for their silver content.  Half dollars from 1965-1969 are 40% silver.
There are however some borderline coins.  I would consider some of the mercury dimes, barber dimes and barber quarters to be borderline.  The condition of these borderline coins is what will make them junk or not.
These coins satisfy our doom and gloom clients that believe we are headed for a barter type of economic system.  Handing a dime, quarter or half dollar for goods and services seems feasible enough.  They are easily identifiable and authenticity is generally not an isssue(haven't seen any counterfeits as of yet).  It is also still possible to find these in circulation today, albeit not many.  Junk silver is an excellent way to invest in silver.