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Half Dollars are twice the fun....

Had a customer call  in and inquire about the value of her half dollars.  She didn't have them in front of her, so she could not tell me the dates or any other details.  I told her to gather them up and come into the shop.  She came in about an hour later.
This customer had her coins in a small cloth bag, and as she poured her coins out on to the table, a quarter cup of blue sand came out of the bag as well.  Pretty funny...  The interesting part was the coins.  She had older circulated silver coins, most if which were half dollars.  She had Capped Bust half dollars, Liberty Seated half dollars, Barber half dollars, Walking Liberty half dollars, Franklin half dollars, and Kennedy half dollars.  A good selection of the silver dollars that were made from the early 1800's until now.  All were circulated pretty heavily, but the earlier dated halves had some numismatic value up and above the silver content.  I really enjoy the history part of my job.  It is fun to think of what was happening in the United States during the time a coin was minted.  It's also fun to consider what famous person might have used that coin to purchase something.  All in all it was a fun little collection and it did have some value.