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Do you even want those coins you inherited?

By David Gonzales - February 27, 2017

People really love their coins.  They like to look at them and organize them for hours.  I remember as a kid, shoveling snow in the winter and mowing grass in the summer and getting paid with coins(times are different now, kids can take credit cards with an app on their smart phones and charge a whole lot more!).  I would come in for the day, and put the coins in a jar, then when bored I would lay them out and sort them.  I would sort them by type, by date, by where they were minted and I would look at the pictures and words on the coin only seen by a magnifier.
I was not a serious collector, most if not all of my coins were simply spendable money.  but I found a certain satisfaction in "playing" with my coins.  People collect for many different reasons, but collectors have one thing in common, they love their coins.
So what happens when someone receives coins either by give or by inheritance?  Do they always share that same enjoyment?  Do they have a share the same passion for the coins?  Are they willing and ready to be handed the baton of coin collecting?
More often than not, they don't have anywhere near the interest in the coins that the person who gave them the coins did.  One persons treasure becomes another persons burden.
Collecting in general seems to have taken a backseat to the many other activities available at peoples fingertips 24/7.
Don't feel bad if you inherited a coin collection that you simply don't want, your not alone.  Coins can be heavy, bulky to store, dirty and not interesting to you.  My advise to you is get a fair price and allow the next collector to find enjoyment in those coins.