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Those proof and Mint sets have value

By David Gonzales - September 19, 2017

I appraised a collection recently that had a fair amount of proof and mint sets, boxes of them in fact.  Proof and mint sets are a very popular way to invest in high quality coins that have never been circulated.  The U.S.. Mint does a spectacular job of displaying and packaging the coins. 

There are collectors that want a fairly inexpensive way of collecting type coins by the year, and proof and mint sets are a good way to accomplish that goal.  However, selling mint and proof sets can be a little tough sometimes. 

Finding a dealer that want to deal in a low dollar item can be difficult.  We will examine and pay fair prices for your proof and mint sets.  Often, those inheriting the proof and mint sets don't share the same enthusiasm for these coins, and lets face it, they take up quite a bit of space.  Call us, we can help.