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Precious Metals
Precious Metals
Sterling Silver Flatware
Why most older Americans have coins stashed away
Finding a Treasure in my pocket change
Are certified coins more valuable?
Mistakes people make when selling their coins
I inherited some blue books with coins in them...
Who should I sell my coin to?
Expectations When Selling Your Collection
Proof and Mint sets
Selling Your Silver Dollars
When is a coin, not a coin?
My Coins are Dirty, should I clean them?
To Sell or not to Sell...
Those proof and Mint sets have value
How can I get some information prior to selling my coins?
A Large Rare Coin Collection!
But I saw this exact coin on the internet for thousands...
Selling a coin collection can be emotional
Silver in foriegn coins
Do you even want those coins you inherited?
RePurpose your sterling flatware
Gold mining in the old west....
Getting a fair shake...
Are all silver half dollars the same?
Are You Like Pawn Stars?
Selling your jewelry can be very emotional....
Half Dollars are twice the fun....
If it's on the internet, then it must be true?
Why does that old box of coins mean so much to me?
What are the mint marks on my coins?
What are my old bills worth?
What's up with bad customer service at coin shops?
Why do they call it "Junk" silver?
The most beautiful coin ever made?
Getting others interested in coins....
Gold hits 4 month low
The Indian Head Penny
Downsizing and Clearing out "Old Stuff"...
Collecting vs. Investing
Is now a good time to buy silver?
Are my Foreign coins worth anything?
What does the spot price of gold and silver have to do with selling my coins?
What should I do with "Dirty" coins?
Getting your coins appraised...
"Cash for Gold store" vs. Coin Shop
What are the different types of coin collectors?
How do I value my coin collection?
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