What to Know Before Buying Gold Jewelry Part I

Buying gold jewelry can be a really big investment. For this reason, you need to know a bit about it before you go out looking for a new piece of gold jewelry. It can also be a really smart investment—if you know what to look out for when buying it. 

Your gold jewelry can be something you pass onto your children and their children. Gold jewelry is often the stuff of inheritance, so making the right choices and getting the best value for your purchase are important. Mile High Coin has all sorts of gold jewelry for you to chose from and can help you out with any questions you might have. 

Gold is also a great investment because its value will always be what it was when you bought it. Meaning the amount of gold will be the same from the day you bought it til the day, should you chose, to sell it. So it’s possible that you make a profit when you =. These next few blogs aim to help prepare you to be ready to search for your new jewelry.

First, when purchasing gold jewelry, you will want to be sure that you know the purity level of the gold. In general, the value of the gold you purchase is proportional to its purity level. Twenty-four karat gold is the highest purity level there is and it goes down from there.

However, when considering the purity level, it’s important to also consider what you are getting the gold for. If your intention is to wear it every day, like a wedding ring for example, you may want to consider getting a gold that is not twenty-four karat. This is because pure gold is very soft and therefore not very durable. For a piece of jewelry you hope to wear every day, I suggest purchasing either ten, twelve, or fourteen karat gold so that it is stronger and more durable. 

As for the type of jewelry, you want to consider where it is worn on your person. For bracelets and rings, because they are exposed to a lot of friction against hard surfaces, you will want to consider getting a lower carat as well. For other jewelry items such as earrings and necklaces which are not as exposed to that friction, you could purchase fourteen to eighteen karat.

 If you really want something that is fourteen karat gold, it is best to keep those pieces to wear for special occasions. This ensures that these special occasion pieces will be handled with care and therefore last a long time. 

These are just a few of the things you will want to be mindful of when considering your big purchase. The folk at Mile High Coin are ready and available to help you will either selling or purchasing your gold jewelry. Stay tuned for next week for more tips on what to look for when buying gold jewelry. Everything you need to know before you purchase will be discussed.
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