Our Pricing

When buying coins, our prices involve many different variables. One of the first things we look for is what your coin is made of. We monitor the spot price of gold and silver continuously. If the majority of your coin's value is in the gold or silver content, the spot price of gold or silver is the major consideration.

We will also determine if your coin is valuable based on its numismatic nature. You might have a coin that is valuable but does not necessarily contain a precious metal. Dates, mint marks, and conditions are important when assessing the value of a rare coin.

When buying bulk gold and silver (ie: jewelry, sterling, etc.) we will base our price on the spot price of gold and silver as well as the purity of your particular item. Will weigh your item and then give you a final price. Our objective is to be fair. We will not compromise our values by purchasing items that we know are stolen.