Sterling Silver Flatware

Mile High Coin and Gold Exchange is interested in purchasing your sterling flatware and more.  A lot of people received flatware as a wedding gifts and currently do not use it.  Also, children are more interested in more convenient methods of entertaining.  Polishing silver is simply not on people's priority lists.  Unless the flatware is sentimental, the newer generations do not want it.  We provide an avenue in which to liquidate it and put the monies received to better use.

First off, what is sterling?  Sterling is silver that is 92.5% pure with the remainder 7.5% of
copper.  If it was made in the U.S, it will most likely be stamped “sterling” or “925” or sometimes be stamped with a fraction “925/1000.  If the piece is not stamped, it is most likely not silver (unless it was made outside the U.S) Sterling lasts a very long time, non-sterling flatware does not.  

No silverware is 100% pure, it is simply too soft, therefore not durable and will scratch, ding, and bend too easily.

There is however flatware made in other countries that are not sterling.  For example Germany has produced silver flatware that is 80% and Norway makes items 85% pure and Russia 84% pure.  It is important to be able to recognize the hallmarks that are stamped on your pieces.  If your flatware is old, it can be difficult to see the stamps and hallmarks without have a trained eye as well as the proper tools and lighting.

One of the main reasons people prefer other types of flatware other than silver is the care and upkeep. Sterling can be put in the dishwasher, but the ware of the silver will be inconsistent, and one piece can look different than another. Another potential problem is the filled handles of some of the pieces.  Most handles are not solid silver.  They are usually filled with either wax or plaster.  Putting these in the dishwasher can damage the filler and essentially ruin your piece.

Based on the price of silver, your silver flatware can be valuable.  Most people don't realize how much its worth and are pleasantly surprised when given the value.  Often times, the silver flatware has not been used in years, and most children do not want the flatware, for the above discussed reasons.

It is very important to identify what you have before you make a decision on what to do with it.  This is where we come in.  We will evaluate it and help you understand what you have. This can be done many different ways.  We can talk via a phone call and get verbal descriptions. We can visit in our office. We can even use skype or facetime to have a discussion.  This is working great for customers that don't live in our state.

Education and knowledge is the first step and we are glad to help