Sell Gold & Silver Coins in Denver

Gold liberty coin at Mile High Coin in Denver CO

Get Educated On Your Collection Before Selling Your Coins

Our Colorado clients sell their coins and coin collections for many different reasons. One of the most common reasons is people are simply clearing out things they don't need, or they don't have an interest in any longer. Sometimes people simply reach a point in life when downsizing and simplifying are more important than accumulating more things.

Perhaps you have inherited a coin collection and you don't share the same passion for collecting as the person who gave you the collection. We hear this quite often. Maybe the death of a spouse has placed you in charge of a collection, and you need the funds more than you need the collection. We are here to help you get accurate information about your coin collection and provide you with the best options for selling your coins. 

"David is excellent! My husband and I took an inherited coin collection in to sell. He was very thorough and honest with us about which pieces were worth more than face value and which ones were “spending money.” He also took the time to explain why certain coins were more valuable than others. At the end of our meeting, we left as satisfied customers and were happy the coins were no longer being under-appreciated in a box in our basement." - Sara W.

It is very important to know exactly what you have before you sell your coins. One of the worst things you can do is take your coins to your neighborhood pawn shop and ask “What will you give me for this?" We will take the necessary time to sit down with you in a professional setting and evaluate your collection. We often learn a lot about the person who collected those coins as we go through our evaluation process. We pride ourselves on providing you with detailed descriptions of what you have, as well as the potential values.

Sometimes people don't have any idea that their coin collections are worth thousands of dollars, and we love providing that unexpected good news! Conversely, just because you have a coin that was made in the 1800s doesn't mean it’s worth a million dollars. Not every old coin is rare and not every rare coin is valuable. However, the only way to know for certain is by working with a trustworthy and local coin dealer with decades of experience in rare and high-value coins.  

"We brought in a number of US coins that had been handed down to us by family. We were taken very good care of by Mile High Coin; they educated us on how coins are valued and even sorted our coins for us before we left. We felt them to be a trusted advisor, very knowledgeable, and there was no pressure to sell our coins. All in all, it was a very pleasant experience. I highly recommend Mile High Coins if you're thinking of selling any of your coins." - Ana Q.

Get A Professional Appraisal From A Trusted Coin Dealer

Please take the time and allow us to do a thorough evaluation of your coins so that you can be certain of what you possess. Mile High Coin & Stamp specializes in dealing with all types of rare coins, coin collections, and numismatics. We also buy and sell almost all types of gold and silver coins of value for those looking to invest or cash out their gold and silver coin investments. We proudly provide these services to customers who come to us from all around Colorado, including Denver, Aurora, Parker, and the surrounding areas.