What the Symbol in Your Gold Jewelry Means Part I

So maybe you are out thrifting or browsing at Mile High Coin and you come across some gold jewelry that is quite intriguing. It has some kind of symbol on it that you are not sure about, but you love it. So you buy it and bring it home and want to wear it. But, you want to be sure about what it means before you wear it out in public. Or maybe you have come across some jewelry from your grandmother or grandfather and you want to know the meaning behind the symbols on it. Maybe it will be an insight into their life.

This blog aims to enlighten you on the many symbols you might find in your gold jewelry and what those symbols mean. You might find these symbols on gold rings, pendants, cufflinks, earrings, or broaches. Let’s start with one of the most common symbols you may come across—the lion. 

The Lion can symbolize many of the things you you have likely come to associate with it, such as courage, pride, strength, and royalty. This icon has been around in ancient times til now. The lion is very common in gold jewelry and mostly represents courage and resilience making it a good gift to give someone in need of some bravery. 

The next symbol we will dive into is that mystical creature, the griffin. Some commonly associated ideas for what a griffin represents are valor, nobility, leadership, and strength. With the body of a lion and the wings and talons of an eagle, it is not surprising that it shares similar characteristics to the lion. A griffin is believed to be the guardian of hidden treasure or gods. 

The next symbol we will look at that you may happen across on some of the gold at Mile High Coin is the dagger. You might find these as dangly earrings or cufflinks. They are known to symbolize deception, treachery, daring, and courage. Because a dagger is used as a weapon to attack and defend, its symbolisms are contradictory. Because a dagger is a bit more rare to come upon compared to a lion or a griffin, it is sure to catch people’s eye.
The next symbol we will take a look at is the majestic being, the wolf. Adjectives commonly associated with the wolf are loyalty (loyal like a dog), strength, and bravery. This is a very common symbol in many native American tribes throughout The United States. The wolf is consider a great hunter which is why native Americans associate these traits to the wolf. They are also able to survive and adapt well in the wild and for this reason they are symbols of resilience and courage as well. 

These were just the first four most common symbols you might come across when browsing the gold jewelry at Mile High Coin. While they all seem to have similar meanings, when you dig deeper you get a better understanding of why and of which traits stand out the most for each symbol. Read our next blog for the next few symbols on your gold jewelry and their meanings. Be sure to head to Mile High Coin for all your gold and silver needs. 

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