What to Know Before Buying Gold Jewelry Part III

Thank you for joining us for part three of our four part series on what you need to know before you go gold jewelry shopping. This was originally going to be just one or two posts, but there is so much information you need to know, it has become a four part series. We want you to know that we understanding investing in gold jewelry is a big deal and want to help you prepare for it. The folks at Mile High Coin have lots of gold jewelry for you to chose from. They can also buy your gold and silver jewelry and other items if you are looking to make some cash. They can assist you with any of your gold needs.

So far in the past two blogs you learned about purity levels and what that does to the durability of the gold. You also learned about some different terms used when speaking about gold including alloy, gold plated and gold filled. This week, we will start with a few more terms, or rather colors. Pure gold appears yellow (or gold) in color, but as we’ve discussed, it isn’t always your best option because it can be soft. That is where alloys come in. When another or several metals are mixed with gold, this forms an alloy. This alloy can change the color of the gold depending on what metals it is mixed with. The first color you might find is ‘yellow gold.’ This is the color we think of when we think of gold and is indeed the color of pure gold. However, it can also be the color of gold plated jewelry, so beware. The next color is ‘white gold.’ I actually prefer this because it looks a lot like silver and I prefer the color silver over gold. This color is the result of white metals which are used because they are stronger than gold.

‘Rose gold’ has a pinkish hue and is usually the result of adding copper to the mix. ‘Green gold’ is quite rare and is the result of mixing gold and silver. This is a good mix for green stones and jewels. It has a bright green/yellow hue.

As far as the color of your gold goes this is often a preference and could also depend on whether there will be stone set within this gold and which gold would look best with that stone. It’s best to know all your options before you start searching. So now you have all of the variables to be aware when you begin shopping for your gold jewelry. There’s the purity of the gold, whether it is gold plated or gold filled and all the different colors your gold may come in and what that means about what it’s made of.

Stay tuned next week for more tips on buying your gold jewelry. Always know that the knowledgable
folks at Mile High Coin are there to buy or sell your gold jewelry. They can answer any questions you may have about buying or selling gold jewelry.
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