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Expectations When Selling Your Collection

By David Gonzales - July 9, 2018

Researching your coins prior to selling them is always a good idea.  If nothing else it provides a basis in which to discuss your coins with a coin expert.  Knowing the type of coin and having a general idea where it came from can be helpful information.  However, it can be a bit overwhelming when you go to the internet and attempt to get a value for your coin.  First off, what makes a coin valuable is the rarity, which is based on date, mint, and condition.  A coin can also be valuable base on the metal content, so if it's made of gold or silver it will have value as well.
When researching coins, people have a tenancy to find the most expensive coin that somewhat resembles their coin, and therefore set an unrealistic value for their coins.  Again research can be good, but it can also fool you into believing you have won the lottery with your newly found coin.  I get multiple calls per week with people explaining the the "internet" says their coin is worth thousands, and I get to be the bearer of bad news in telling them that they can't quit their day job!  Always good to get your coins checked out by a trustworthy company.