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Mistakes people make when selling their coins

By David Gonzales - August 28, 2018

Selling your coins can be a big burden.  From the time you try to find information on google, to finding a reputable source in which toi sell your coins, and everywhere in between.  Let start with google.  So, you type in what you think the coin is and up pops a coin that has a price tag of $10,000 and you think you have won the lottery.  Then come the phone calls to anyone in the coin business that will listen to you.  You get ping ponged all around as you desperately try to get someone to tell you what you want to hear.  It's almost like you become an instant treasure hunter.  Scenes of Pawn Stars and Antique Roadshow flash in your mind as you consider what new thing you are going that your going to buy with your new found fortune.  You tell yourself over and over in your mind, "this coin is old it has to be worth something"....
don't get me wrong, ther are times when people find coins that are worth real money, and we love being a part of that process, but I would encourage people to keep an open and realistic mind when doing research.  We specialize in educating people on what they have, ande this simply isn't the case with all dealers.  Many times a day I encourage people to text a pictur of the coin to me so that I can take a look.  This small service has huge value to people.  A quick