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Is now a good time to buy silver?

March 3, 2015

"Buy high and sell low" is the way to go right? Most people would strongly disagree with this mantra...But that is what happens most of the time with precious metals investments. Unsavy investors are driven by 3 primary emotions: Fear, anger, and greed. In a world driven by media, people start paying attention when metals have made a run, and by that time it is much too late. It is a persons greed that makes them think, "I want to get in on this too..." People tend to look at metals as some sort of short term investment and are looking to capitalize on a flash in the pan move. Others are motivated by fear. ,Perhaps a stock market correction is what prompts a person to buy gold. Or perhaps a terrorist attack, or a major government action. Anger is also a powerful motivator. Big government has a way of "ticking off" a right winger'...
I am not saying that all of this is bad, but I am of the opinion that gold and silver should be continually purchased until the desired goal is reached and then set for the long term. A dollar cost averaging of sorts. Buy a little at a time and do it no matter what the price of spot gold and silver are. I can assure you over the long haul the dollar is going to struggle and commodities will always rise against a devaluing dollar. Another long term indicator is the national debt. Is there any sign of a benefactor coming in and paying the 18 trillion owed anytime soon-don't think so!