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Gold hits 4 month low

What is going on with the gold market?  Gold seemed to be holding it's own as we started the new year, but things have gone awry ever since.  Gold hit a 4 month low in mid march of 2015 and experts are predicting much of the same for the rest of the year.  Many people think gold and the stock market reversely act to on another.  True, the stock market has benn strong the last 2 years and gold has been down, but stocks are not the driving factor with the falling price of gold, the U.S. dollar is.  On a micro level, the dollar has been strong, and therefore oil and gold have been weak. On one hand I don't like it when gold is suffering, but I do enjoy my totals at the gas pump.  I guess w can't have it both ways.  Some would argue that the financial situation in our country is bad, specifically the rising debt-18 trillon worth, but that is a maco view.  I do believe long term that the national debt will have to be reconciled, but the credit line of the United States is long and wide.  Gold will have its ups and downs in the short term, but in the long term it has to go up.