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Are You Like Pawn Stars?

I get this question a lot.  I didn't open our company with the intention of being a pawn shop. I had no interest in dealing in used tools and stereo equipment.  But there has been a change in my thinking.  I not only see coins, but many other things of value as well. Jewelry, gold silver, platinum, diamonds, and many other types of collectibles.  I was asking a friend on a roadtrip how he view my company and he use the term "coins and Dealer of antiquities".  I found that description interesting.  We will look at and examine most anything, and have begun a process of establishing a network of experts to assist us valueing the items that come into our shop.  I am not the high profile reality TV show guys, but we do have expanded horizons and deal in many other things in addition to coins.  I have somewhat adopted the pawnstars saying, "You never know what is going to walk into our shop".