Are you a Numistmatist? Do you Want to Be?

I’m going to be honest, I did not know what the word for a coin collector was. I would have just gone with, ‘coin collector.’ But turns out, like stamp collectors (philatelist), matchbook collectors (phillumenists), comic book collectors (wait for it…pannapictagraphists), and flag collectors (vexillophiles) there is a very specific name for those who are serious about collecting coins. Indeed, the folks at Mile High Coin would likely call themselves numinstmatists.

The google definition of numistmatist is “a person who studies or collects coins, medals etc.” While numismatics is defined as  “the study of coins and other currency units and is usually associated with the appraisal and collection of rare coins.” Yep, that’s what the folks at Mile High Coin do, except not just coins but also gold and silver jewelry and other items. 

It seems like a big leap from a past time or hobby of collecting coins to being called a numistmatist. I mean, I always collect coins from the over sixty countries I’ve visited. It’s fun to see the different currencies and denominations. These coins and bills mostly just stay in keepsake boxes for me to reminisce through when I get wander struck, just like a might with a photo album or scrapbook. 
I also have a few coins that may or may not be valuable which were giving to me by my grandparents and great uncles and aunts. Yet to me, these coins hold more sentimental value than monetary value. 

So, I would not consider myself a numistmatist. My hobby, is just that-a hobby, nothing serious. And that’s ok, not all of us can be numistmatists.

But maybe you are, or you want to become one. Awesome. Mile High Coin can surely help you out with that. Maybe you would like to add to your collection. In that case, stop by the store in Aurora, Colorado. Take a look around see what you did not know was missing from your collection.

Or maybe, you have a huge collection and want to share, or show it off, or make some quick money from it. Mile High Coin can also help you out with that. They ask you to please call ahead first for an appointment. In this way, they can allow for the proper amount of time it takes to appraise you coins or collection and maybe even educate you a bit on what you have and why it is rare and valuable. 
Whatever level of collector you are- be it just a casual hobby, a way to remember great trips, or a way to hold onto memories and keepsakes of loved ones, or even if you’re more serious and might actually call yourself a numistmatist (though I do wonder how many numistmatists actually call themselves that, or if they simple say they are coin collectors- seems the quickest way to get your point across as I feel in regular conversation if you said you were a numistmatist people might stare at you blankly and wait for an explanation, so why not just nip that in the bud and say it in layman’s terms?), whatever your needs, the experts at Mile High Coin has you covered.
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