What the Symbol in Your Gold Jewelry Means, Part II

The previous blog spoke about some of the more common symbols you may find in gold jewelry. These included the lion, the griffin, the dagger, and the wolf. They, perhaps not surprisingly, often had similar meanings, such as courage and bravery. In this blog, we will take a look at a few more symbols that may be found on the gold jewelry you may have purchased at Mile High Coin. We will take a look into the deeper meaning and significance of these symbols. 

The next symbol you might find on your gold jewelry is the borage. What is that you may ask? (I did. Goes to show, you really do learn something every day.) A borage is a type of plant that is entirely covered by white prickly hair (ouch.) And also, probably not really inviting and may lead one to think its meaning is somewhat prickly too. 

It has flowers that look like stars in shades of blue. (Ok, now that is sounding better.) It is often mistaken as a weed. However, it actually has a lot of redeeming qualities. For example, it attracts bees, therefore encouraging pollination and better production of honey and it is also edible. Think how pretty it will look on your lovely salad.

Borage is thought to be from the term, ‘carago’ which means ‘I bring courage.’ So much of its meaning is derived from this idea. The flower has come to symbolize courage and valor. You could likely easily sell your jewelry with this symbol on it because it will be highly sought after.

The next symbol you might find on the gold jewelry that you find at Mile High Coin is the golden fish. This fish is often a carp or similar in appearance to one. These fish are symbols used in Buddhism. They symbolize contentment, freedom, and courage (I knew there was a reason I loved fish symbols.) These traits are demonstrated in the fish by how it continues to move about freely in the water even when there may be danger from other fish or from humans. 

The next symbol you may come across in your gold jewelry is the helix. The helix is spiral shape often found in nature. For example, you might find it in leaves of trees or flowers, in seashells, in the horns of animals, and you will also find it in human DNA.

It has been part of several religions and cultures since long ago. This is because it is considered part of sacred geometry, the natural symmetry is often unexplainable. Because the helix is often found in nature, it is a symbol of survival and the evolution of life. Nature can often overcome all the challenges thrown at it. For this reason, a helix is a great gold gift for someone trying to persevere. 

Who knew there were so many different symbols that might appear in your gold jewelry. With this handy guide you can make gift giving easier and give more meaningful and symbolic gifts. You also know what the look for when shopping at Mile High Coin. 
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